Mold Clean up DIY?

  • Can you clean up mold yourself at home. SURE you can.
  • Will the mold return.  YES More than likely
  • What is the solution:  MOLD Remediation

 When I was an insurance adjuster for more than a decade I would tell homeowners they could easily clean up the mold themselves with a little bleach or head to Home Depot or Lowes and grab some antimicrobial/ mold killer and spray it on. Then scrub it off.  

Will that kill and treat the mold? It will.     Will the mold come back?  It will.

  • Find the Source of moisture!

I wish I had known then what I know now and what the older men in my family told me many times through their decades and decades of experience…. You can treat the MOLD but you have to find THE SOURCE of the mold. You may kill it today, but it WILL BE BACK. This makes the entire process of DIY mold removal much more involved than most give it credit.

  • Son, “there are no shortcuts in life”.
  • Gravity and imperfect framing mean the water source is often far from the mold and hard to locate.

I still hear the voice of my grandfather, “Son, there are no shortcuts in life”. And he was right as always. I now routinely visit homes to inspect mold, pull out my moisture meter and after sometimes hours of frustration, finally locate the source of moisture that allowed the mold growth. Often, the water source is no where near the mold itself but either a floor or multiple floors higher or lower or a room over. Gravity and imperfect framing members eventually took the water to that room where you now have mold. Knowing this, we check the areas between the water source and the mold and often find additional mold between the walls, ceilings, and/or between the floors that would have not been treated with a quick DIY fix.  If you so choose to treat the mold on your own, please at the very least call a professional to locate the actual source AND check the areas between before thinking your family’s health is no longer at risk.

Be Safe and Stay kind to each other

Cody Allison

Generation Contractors

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