How to shut off the water supply to your house.

Is a broken pipe flooding your house? STOP the damage by follow these simple steps to shut off the water supply to your house and prevent water damage to your home:


Locate the City Water Meter

(Normally located in your front yard near the street; It may be covered in dirt or grass)


Open the meter box and locate the water valve.

(The valve may be covered in dirt. You may have to dig it out by hand a bit)


Turn the valve 1/4 turn to have the holes line up.

(It may take a crescent wrench or pair of plyers to get it turning)

You have successfully shut off the water supply to your house! ONE MORE STEP to STOP water damage from getting worse.

Next, turn on the outside water hose faucet to take the pressure off of the broken pipe. Taking the pressure off will help to quickly drain the water from the pipes inside the house and clear the water from the broken pipe. Lastly, call a local water damage restoration company to quickly extract the water and dry out the areas of your drywall or flooring that might be damaged. The faster you ACT, the less damage there will be to your home. There is a process to properly dry out your home. A local water damage contractor should have IICRC trained professionals that know how to effectively pull the moisture from your flooring and walls without causing further damage.

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